vCloud Director Basics

Now that you are logged into Cloud Propeller's vCloud Director, let's get familiar with the home screen.

At the very top you will notice a 4 segment tab menu:

Home is the default option, and it shows you the screen you see in the screenshot above. It will contain a quick overview of your Virtual Datacenter environment, a quick list of your vApps (groups of Virtual Machines), and allow you to quickly jump to just about any section of the vCD Portal with the links in the right side menu.

My Cloud will take you to the #1 most used section of vCloud Director. In this part you will be able to create machines, manage existing ones, start and stop them, attach them to networks, and more.

Catalogs is a section where you can store Virtual Machine Templates, as well as Software Disk Images (ISO's). We will go into more detail about this soon.

Administration is a special section in the vCD Portal used for administering your Virtual Datacenter. You can create users, manage their access to your Virtual Machines, monitor cloud usage, and most importantly - it is a place where you can mange your VMware NSX Gateway (Firewall, Load Balancing, DHCP Pools, VLANs, VPNs, and more).

We will not spend more time at this point talking what all the other options found on the Home tab are, as once we go though them in detailed description of other tabs, you will immediately connect the links and understand all of these here at once.

Without further ado, head to next chapter, vCloud Director - Administration.

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