vCloud Director - My Cloud

So now that we've logged into Cloud Propeller vCloud Director, and gone through Administration basics, let's switch the top tab to My Cloud section and get into managing vApps and Virtual Machines.

My Cloud section welcome screen will look something like this (once you have Virtual Machines).


vCloud Director has two concepts:

  • vApps - represent groups of one or more Virtual Machines. Every VM in vCloud Director must live inside a vApp, even if it is just by itself.

This is actually a confusing concept at first, but very useful one as you get used to it. It allows you to create Application Templates (which can deploy multiple virtual machines at once), allows you to start and stop whole applications with a click of a button, and to precisely time the start and stop of individual machines within a vApp (so you can, for example, start DB servers first, and then Web Servers).

  • VMs - represent individual Virtual Machines and are easily identifiable within vCloud Director as they look like little "Monitors."

Clicking onto this icon anywhere in vCloud Director will open up a Virtual Console (KVM) connection to your Virtual Machine. Even if machine's networking is not set up, you can always access your Virtual Machine this way.

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